Horse Arena Mix

Our Horse Arena Mix is a special blend of shell and sand. Used as the top layer in lunging rings and equestrian arenas. The Horse Arena Mix has been used in Horse Arenas for over a decade.

The mixture of the two provides a cushioned layer which absorbs the impact of the horses hooves, reducing injuries, such as concussion and jarring to their legs when jumping. Firm enough to provide them with good traction and the confidence of sure footedness.

  The products are carefully screened to remove large particles, nothing larger than 7mm is in our mix.  The sand and shell mix is carefully washed to remove unwanted clay and silt particles which create dust when dry and can cause the product to compact with rain and use.  

Our Horse Arena Mix is free draining, maintains its natural loose nature, reducing compaction while still providing stability for horse and rider.

We can provide you with your equine requirements whether you are requiring an Arena top up or are constructing from new.

If you are looking for a Construction Company to build your arena see our Distributers page for a list of experienced companies.

For your Horse Arena surfacing requirements contact Stan direct on 027 532 2660, talk to your Construction Company or Project Manager.

Transport can be with your preferred carrier company or we can arrange your cartage requirements for you.

We can supply Nationwide.