Crushed Shell from SnJ Archer Ltd

Our Crushed Shell screening plant has been washing and grading crushed shell for over a decade. We pride ourselves on the quality of all our products. 

We produce a variety of grades of crushed shell and mixes suitable for Landscape Gardening.  Our product line includes Equestrian Surfacing with a grade of crushed shell suitable for Trotting Tracks and a special mix for Horse Arenas.

All products are carefully screened, graded and washed to remove clay and silt particles. Through years of experience and modifications to the processing procedures we are able to ensure only products of a high standard leave our plant. Our crushed shell is completely odorless, containing no living or decomposing matter.

We supply shell to many Landscape Supply Yards, Landscape Designers, Equine Industry, Poultry farms, Ready Mix Concrete Yards and Golf Courses. 

Horse Arena
Shell used as a decorative groundcover in Landscape Gardening 3-7 Shell used on a Trotting Track Special Mix used in Horse Arenas and Lunging Rings